Why DocLogical

Our Process

Our proven and scalable process is designed for success. We first engage with you to assess your training needs and what skills you want to master. Secondly, we ideate and define a progressive learning path to ensure that you succeed. After ideation, we then plan with you a timeline, process, and course selection that builds on necessary skills and ensures mastery. At this point you engage with us in your learning program and commence courses as defined. Lastly, we review and follow-up to ensure that you have continous support.

Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated educators, business leaders, and professionals with the mission of providing knowledge, skills, and abilities for highly sought after STEM careers in data-science, analytics, and cyber. We have spent decades in the field as executives, practitioners, and college professors working to optimze your learning and help those interested in mastering the skills needed.

Even if you are new to technology or digital, looking for a refresher, or a seasoned professional looking for new skills, we prepare you with a path to success.



Daniel O'Connell MS, ITIL, CDPSE

With over 25 years of cyber and data experience, Daniel is the founder and CEO of DocLogical LLC. A veteran, published author, college professor, and executive leader, Daniel served in the United States Navy and has served as an executive leader in various corporations. Daniel's background includes being an adjunct professor at Quinnipiac University, where he has taught data-science and information technology to undergraduate and graduate students. Daniel has held leadership positions at SAP, Oracle, Yale University, Qunnipiac University, The New School University, and Raytheon where he had led technology groups and steered technology strategic direction. Daniel holds degrees and certificates from Eastern Connecticut State University, Western Governors University, Yale University, and Stanford University, and he is Big Data, ISACA CDPSE, and ITIL certified.

Why DocLogical

When exploring technology and data-science services and traning, you want to ensure that you engage and learn from the best. Learn from industry leaders who are commited to your success. DocLogical is 100% commited to your success and our staff has decades of industry leading experience in the technology, data, and cyber security sectors. Let us partner with you and be your career coach and mentors.